My LaBrier Family

My La Brier Family

My Grandfather Anthony La Brier, was born on March 27th, 1860 in Kaskaskia Illinois, Randolph County (Florence Township). The August 1860 census records show the following family members.

*Randolph County, Township 6S, Range 7West, page 896, lines 36 - 40 and page 897, line1. 1860 - Federal Census.

Mary Ellen LaBrier/Sullivan appears to have lived out her life keeping house for her brother, John J. LaBrier. The 1930 census shows Mary as a housekeeper for her brother John. Both sisters Mary and Ann were still living in 1936. I have a copy of a letter written by "Tony's" wife Mary Ann, which states she kept in contact with them regularly.


My Great Grandparents, Pierre La Bruyere (La Brier) and Alis (Alice) Bradley (Agathon?) were married January 12th, 1850. From the source of Marriages Randolph County 1720 - 1870 - it shows Peter LaBrier obtained a license to marry Alice (Allis) (Agathon?) Bradley on January 12, 1850. My Great Grandmother died giving birth to my grandfather shortly after his birth. Alis LaBrier is apparently buried in the "Immaculate Conception Cemetery" I have been unable to find anything in the records, as they exist. Perhaps her burial site was lost under the Mississippi river, after the 1881 flood.

The bans of marriage dated April 9th,1850, show Pierre Labruyere, age 26, as the legitimate son of Antoine Labruyere - LaBrier b. 1781 & Agathe (Danis) Labruyere - LaBrier b. 1793. The following name appears to be the main signature, " N. Perrin." The following names appear to be witnesses, "Neury Sturig..?" , "David Topp," N. R. Stolli," "G. N. Topp."

In the Kaskaskia Business Directory of 1859, "DIRECTORY" it shows both Peter LaBrier and Antoine LaBrier ( older brother) as farmers Registration of Antoine LaBrier's (LaBruyere) land - 1838.Please note that the same land description on this document is the same as on the 1860 census showing my G/Grandfather Peter (Pierre) LaBrier (Labruyere).

In 1864, Peter married Mrs. Minverva Livesay on April 18, 1864. As near as I can determine they continued to live in the Chester area, and raised Mrs. Livesay's children and had more children. My Grandfather would have been four (4) years old.

This was Peter's second marriage. The 1870 census of Preston Randolph County Illinois shows additional children to Peter's family were born as follows.

  • Francis LaBriere age 5 (born 1865)

  • Julia LaBriere age 3 (born 1867)

  • Eddy LaBriere age 1 (born 1869)

  • "Minerva's Children"

  • Sissy Livesay age 14 (born 1856)

  • Margaret Livesay age 13 (born 1857)

  • Henry Livesay age 11 (born 1859)

  • Charles Livesay age 9 (born 1861)

I have no knowledge of my Grandfather from 1860 to 1890 (Anthony). I have still not found information on his brother Augustus or sister Ann. Two of his brothers "Frank" (Francis) & John J. LaBrier pictured here circa 1920. See Peter's second marriage, Uncle "Frank" was the oldest "LaBrier" child from this marriage. Franks family lived in Chester Illinois and later he worked as a policeman in Springfield Illinois. Frank married May Douglas.

The Douglas family were of some importance in those times. Here is an interesting article on May Douglas' family.Click this link

John J. La Brier moved to the Los Angeles area where he died in 1936, it appears as if he never married. His sister Mary lived with him at the time of the 1930 census and appears to have lived with him until he died. Mary's married name was Sullivan and died in 1940. This photo shows Frank & John at the time of my grandfather Anthony's death in 1920. Frank wearing the stetson, John the bowler hat.



My ² Grandparents were Antoine Labruyere - LaBrier b. 1781 & Agathe (Danis) Labruyere - LaBrier b. 1793. Pierre August b - Feb 20, 1824. bp - May 20, 1824, God parents - Pierre Dufour and Alizire Menard.

Antoine LaBruyere - LaBrier b: 1781 and Agathe LaBruyere - LaBrier (Danis) b: 1793 were married in June 8, 1807. They had a large family, one of which was my Great grandfather, Peter (Pierre) LaBrier (LaBruyere). He was born in 1824. Antoine would have been 43 years old when Peter was born.

Pierre August b - Feb 20, 1824. bp - May 20, 1824, Parents Antoine Labruyere & Agathe Danis. God parents - Pierre Dufour and Alizire Menard. Antoine ² Grandfather of John I. LaBrier b: Aug 30, 1930. bp Aug 30, 1930. God parents - Mr & Mrs. Frank Donovon.

Antoine and Agnes Labrier - 1830 census People in household

  • 2 male under 5 years old

  • 2 male 5 - 10 years old {Pierre (Peter) would have been 6}

  • 1 male 10 - 15 years old

  • 1 male 20 - 30 years old, Antoine who married Caroline Leavitt?

  • 1 male 50 - 60 years old>

  • 1 female under 5 years old

  • 1 female under 5 - 10 years old

  • 1 female under 10 - 15 years old

  • 2 female under 15 - 20 years old

  • 1 female under 30 - 40 years old


    My ³Grandparents were Raimond N. LaBruyere (Raymond Norman La Brier) who was married to Agnes Thuiller Desvignets. I have no record of their children, when they were married, or their birthdays and/or deaths.

    My 4 Grandparents were Louis Normand LaBruyere and Catherine Clement. For more information on my ancestors please take a look at our "history" page.



    Copy of a Commission Signed by Raimond La Brier


    Raimond LaBriere is the 3G/Grandfather of John I. LaBrier



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